Using Set the clock to learn to tell time is both fun and educational!

‘Set the clock’ helps your child to learn to tell time and revives old times by reintroducing the wooden clock on the iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch!

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Also very suitable for in the classroom!

Set the clock was developed with the help of a teacher in child education. That makes it one of the best Apps for teaching telling the time. It supports multiple game types for both the anolog and digital clock!

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Spoken assignments, multiple game types

Analog en digital clocks in 9 game types!

Thumbnail: Set the clock - telling time on the iPhone - game type 'Compare an analog and digital clock'
Win medals

Earn medals

Win medals on all levels and show you're a real time-telling-champion!

Different levels for telling time

Multiple levels

Assignments of various levels: hours, half hours, per quarter and per 5 minutes

Spoken assignments

The assignments are clearly pronounced in English


Besides English, it is also possible to have the assignments spoken in Dutch, German, French, Spanish and even Chinese

Veel verschillende speltypes

9 game types

"Set the clock’, ‘Tell the time’, ‘Adjust the clock’ and more!

Top Eductional App

The best app for telling time!

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"... I can confidently say that it's a fantastic educational tool for both children and adults alike"

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Set the clock...
to 8 o'clock!

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